Renk Kişisel Bir Deneyimdir
Son günlerde kişiden kişiye değişen renk algısı sorunsalı esir almış durumda sosyal medyayı. İşte size üniversitede ders olarak okuduğum bir kitaptan, insanlar kafalarında renklerin dalga boylarının bilimsel verisine sahip olsalar bile  gözlem ve deneyimlerindeki farklılıkların kişide oluşan renk algısını yönlendirdiğini anlatan kısa bir yazı. 
Color Is a Private Experience
Learning about color is a step-by-step process of observation and training that teaches the individual that seeing is a creative process involving the entire mind.
What is ultimately learned is that color continues to be private, relative, elusive, and hard to define.
Our perception of color is hardly ever as it actually appears in the physical World. There are no standard rules because of mutual influences colors have upon one another.
We may know the actual wavelength of a certain color, but we hardly ever perceive what the color physically is. In photography this problem is compounded by the fact that the registration and sensitivity of retina in the human eye is not the same as that of photographic materials.

In the world of human vision, colors are busily interacting with each other and altering our perceptions of them. This interaction or interdependence keeps colors in an active, exciting state of flux.